Evidence of Success
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Sanger High School Gains with Corrective Reading

High School Students Average Two-Year Gains with Corrective Reading

Charlotte Students Improve in Reading

Charlotte Elementary School Recognized for Improved Reading Scores

ELL Students Improve with Corrective Reading

Corrective Reading Helps English-Language Learners Improve Reading Skills

Direct Instruction Narrows Reading Gap

New Mexico School District Uses Direct Instruction to Close Reading Proficiency Gap

Direct Instruction Reading Helps Prepare for Junior High

Clay Hill, Florida, elementary students master reading in preparation for junior high school

Students with Disabilities Achieve with Direct Insturction

Reading Mastery and Corrective Reading help students with disabilities achieve significant academic growth.

Modesto Elementary Schools Advance with Direct Instruction

Modesto Elementary School Advances from Underperforming to Distinguished with Direct Instruction

Iredell Students Excel with Direct Instruction

Exceptional Education and Regular Education Students Excel with Direct Instruction

Rhode Island MS Students Set Record

Rhode Island Middle School Students Set a Record Score in Reading

Direct Instruction Successful in Milwaukee

Direction Instruction Helps Milwaukee Schools Increase Reading Scores

Putnam County Special Education Students Win

Reading Proficiency More Than Doubles Among Putnam County Special Education Students

DI Reduces Special Ed Referrals in Louisiana

With Direct Instruction, Rapides School District in Louisiana Reduces Special Education Referrals by Half

Orlando School Improves ESE Scores with Corrective Reading

Orlando School Improves ESE Scores with Corrective Reading.

Houston Blue Ribbon School's Deaf Population Achieves AYP with Direct Instruction

This report shows how deaf students at Rogers Elementary School achieve AYP passing scores due to implementing Corrective Reading.

Nebraska Reading First School Reaches State's Highest Reading Scores

Students at Sunrise Elementary School marked the highest Reading scores in the state after implementing Corrective Reading.

Florida School Raises Reading Scores with Direct Instruction

This report shows an increase in Reading scores at Tuttle Elementary School after Corrective Reading was implemented.

Special Education Students at CA Elementary School

This report shows the improvement in Reading scores for Special Education students at Primrose Elementary using Corrective Reading.

ELL and Struggling Students at Wisconsin District Build Literacy Skills

This report shows how ELL and at-risk students improved Reading skills and proficiency levels at Wasau School District

Corrective Reading and At Risk Students

Florida At-Risk Middle Students Improve Reading Scores with Corrective Reading

Orlando School Increases Reading Achievement

Orlando School Improves ESE Scores with Corrective Reading.

Corrective Reading and ELL

Corrective Reading Helps ELL Students Gain Multiple Years Growth

Milwaukee Students Achieve

Struggling Milwaukee Readers Make Strong Gains with Direct Instruction

Corrective Reading Equals Less Intervention

Reading Intervention Classes Dwindle Because of Corrective Reading

Results with Corrective Reading

Schools see reading achievement with Corrective Reading


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